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G13 Widow

This one-of-a-kind hybrid guarantees a happy high


About G13 Widow

Clearly a cross of the legendary cannabis strains G13 and White Widow, G13 Widow is beloved for its happy head effect and potent physical sedation.

Those who have tried G13 Widow mention that the strain has a thoroughly soothing body buzz and a stimulating head effect that leaves its user relaxed and in a good mood.

Buds of G13 Widow will produce an earthy floral aroma, and the taste of this strain adds a surprisingly refreshing lemon flavor that is especially strong when this strain is vaped.

G13 Widow is a strain with significant bag appeal, possessing potent emerald buds that are each encrusted in a gem-like dust of trichomes and a halo of swirling golden pistils.