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Gatekeeper OG

An exceedingly powerful derivation of OG Kush that promises to take you on an adventure


About Gatekeeper OG

This sativa-dominant hybrid was created by attempting to stabilize the "Farmer 12" version of OG Kush, in an effort to enhance its effects. It was backcrossed multiple times, and then combined with Medicine Man and Sensi Star.

As a result, Gatekeeper OG has a pungent pine smell an earthy OG flavor like you've never tasted before.

Those who have been able to sample this unique bud say that the strain is powerful, uplifting its user into a supremely psychoactive cerebral state while fully tranquilizing the entire body.

Because this strain is so powerful it is best used by experienced cannabis users who know their tolerance, as those with a lower tolerance for THC may find this strain's effects unpleasantly overwhelming.