A deliciously potent strain with buds that look like emeralds
About Gemstone

Gemstone is a fabulous indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that blends Lavender, Sour Diesel, Skunk #1, and Northern lights into a creative and sedative cannabis strain.

Patients have described Gemstone as a physically soothing and relaxing strain, while the sativa side of this bud gives its patients a stimulating euphoria that is rumored to induce creativity.

Buds of this strain look like shimmering spade-shaped emeralds due to the thick coat of chunky diamond-like trichomes that litter the entire surface of each bud.

The smell of this strain has a sweet tea and lavender aroma, and its taste blends grapefruit and lemon into a juicy and delicious flavor profile.

1 Review
5 months ago
Gemstone is an indica dominant strain that smells like a garden full of roses. Its' buds are very frosty with different shades of green and long tangerine "hairs". Gemstone high leaves the user creative and body very calm. Its' smoke taste very fruity and citric.
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