A heavily indica-dominant blend of God and Blueberry
About Godberry

Godberry is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that seems to be a cross of God and Blueberry.

Those who have experience with Godberry say that this strain is incredibly sedative, leaving its user in a totally relaxed physical state that helps to relieve all pain, tension, and stress in the body.

Godberry is rumored to be a high-yielding cannabis strain that tends to produce large, light green flowers that have a fluffy haze of intertwining fine pistils and glistening trichomes.

These buds produce a traditional sweet blueberry taste and flavor, very similar to their Blueberry parent.

1 Review
6 months ago
Godberry is an Indica Dominant strain that smells and taste like a sweet warm blueberry pie. Its' buds are of large size and dense with beautiful light green shades covered by purple "hairs". Godberry packs a strong body buzz, leaving the user happy and "couch locked" for hours, making it perfect for an evening session. Patients suffering from insomnia should give this strain a try.
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