Named in honor of a Tolkien character, Goldberry is as happy as she is delicious
About Goldberry

Goldberry is an indica-dominant cross of Pot of Gold and Blueberry, well known for its incredibly delicious smell and powerful pain-relieving effects.

Blending aromas of sharp lemon, sweet cantaloupe and ripe blueberries, which gives this strain its delicious flavor that tastes somewhat like a fresh blueberry pie.

Patients who have experienced Goldberry describe this strain as surprisingly clear-headed considering the immediate sense of euphoric well-being this strain induces, as well as it's curiously effective pain-relieving buzz.

Buds of Goldberry are deep mossy green and shaped like dense berries, each one encrusted in a thick layer of potent trichomes and dotted with patches of yellowish pistils.

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