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Grape Calyx

An unusually complex blend of cannabis strains designed to have an insane calyx to leaf ratio


About Grape Calyx

Created by the one and only Calyx Garden, Grape Calyx (sometimes called Grape Soda) is an indica-dominant hybrid was created when Durban Poison was bred with Master Kush, the resulting strain was then crossed with SFV OG, which then was combined with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Purple Pineapple.

This strain's storied genetic history resulted in a plant with a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, giving these light green buds a chunky structure, each of which is dotted with light orange pistils and a furry coat of potent trichomes.

Grape Calyx's flowers have a sweet grape flavor and distinctly earthy aroma.

Patients who have had the opportunity to try Grape Calyx enjoy the strain's physically and mentally relaxing effects, as well as its soaring head high.