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Grape Kush

Beautiful grape-flavored buds, ample euphoria, and a fast growing time make this sativa-dominant hybrid a winner


About Grape Kush

A happy sativa-dominant blend of Grape Romulan (Blueberry x Romulan) and Pre-98 Bubba Kush that was originally created by Cali Connection to produce high yields of dank buds within eight weeks.

This fast-growing strain rewards its user with a completely uplifting and ridiculously giggly high, infecting every inch of its user's body with a stimulating and comforting body buzz.

Buds of Grape Kush blend deep violet and neon green calyxes into fluffy buds, each dotted with twisting pistils and covered in a healthy amount of shimmering trichomes, and each bud produces a sour aroma with a pungent flavor of sweet grapes.