Green Dragon


An intensely indica-dominant hybrid of Afghani and Turkish Gummy that clears your mind while fully relaxing your body

About Green Dragon

Green Dragon combines two thoroughly enjoyed cannabis strains, the profoundly popular Afghani and beloved Turkish Gummy, together to create Master Thai's own highly indica-dominant hybrid, ideal for managing pain.

THC levels of Green Dragon tend to hover around 23-25%, making this strain particularly potent and widely enjoyed by even the most seasoned stoners.

Green Dragon's effects begin with a rush of cerebral energy that leaves your mind feeling calm, clear, and focused, while the physically sedative side of this strain works on soothing aches and pain throughout the body.

Buds of Green Dragon are bright green, as you would expect, and tend to be lumpy and large, and covered in chunky crystal trichomes, each bud producing a minty, earthy aroma and sweet peppermint flavor.

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