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Green Goddess

A true goddess of a strain, delivering unwavering euphoria and pain-reliving relaxation


About Green Goddess

Allegedly bringing together Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf, Green Goddess is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that delivers wildly euphoric cerebral effects to anyone who encounters her.

Bringing forth a relaxation effect powerful enough to relieve pain, tension, and stress for many individuals, this strain's real power is in her ability to soothe some of the stressors of the mind, promoting a euphoric, sociable feeling that lends itself to laughing with friends.

Green Goddess's chunky, pale green buds have huge spots of long orange pistils and a generous dust of potent trichomes on her surface, which is likely part of the reason this strain generally tests between 16-20% THC.

These flowers are profoundly pungent, exuding an aroma of light citrus fragrances like grapefruit and lemon that mingle into a sweet citrus punch flavor when this strain is vaped or smoked.