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GRiZ Kush

Developed to the tastes of Griz, this cannabis strain delivers the perfect creative stone


About GRiZ Kush

Developed through a collaboration between Native Roots and Rootseller Genetics, GRiZ Kush is a customized blend of Pakistani Chitral Kush and Tangerine Haze to suit the tastes of musician Griz.

Cannabis patients who have used GRiZ Kush explain that this hybrid delivers a rush of creative energy, giving its user a sense of motivation, while the indica side of this strain effectively soothes any discomfort.

Said to possess a unique tangerine aroma, buds of GRiZ Kush tend to give off a piney, foresty aroma that is very refreshing.

The buds themselves are bright green and very dense, full of sticky resin and absolutely coated with a shining dew of trichomes and a patchy layer of auburn pistils.