Gummy Bears

Incredibly sweet and just as potent, this bud blends Big Lemon and Trueberry into a multicolored masterpiece
About Gummy Bears

Elemental Seeds named the indica-dominant strain Gummy Bears to represent this strain's sticky sweetness, bright coloration of calyxes, and deliciously high potency.

A blend of Trueberry with Big Lemon, Gummy Bears flawlessly inebriates its user with a creeping physical relaxation, a fuzzy body buzz that warms through the entire body and entrenches its user in a somewhat sedated euphoria.

Gummy Bears plants are a pleasure to grow, flowering in under 60 days, and produces a fairly high yield of flowers, each of which has an unmistakable berry-and-sour-lemonade aroma.

Bright purple and emerald flowers are patched with clumps of tangled neon orange pistils and a generous fuzz of sticky trichomes; when you break apart one of Gummy Bears buds in your hands you will immediately notice this strain's fragrant resin content.

1 Review
5 months ago
Gummy Bears is an Indica Dominant strain that will have you going back for more! First, its' buds are bright green with orange color "hairs" with a strong candy store smell. Its effects quickly leave the user focus and sharp while numbing pain and nausea. When inhaled, its' grape soda taste will have your taste buds going "WOW".
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