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Haoma Mist

An indica-dominant hybrid with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD that creates a happy and relaxed high


About Haoma Mist

Haoma Mist is probably indica-dominant child of Cannatonic and Haoma, though its exact genetics are technically unknown.

This strain is said to have a fairly even mix of THC to CBD, which makes this strain a fantastic choice for patients with chronic pain, migraines, depression or any other disorder that benefits from the use of a variety of cannabinoids.

Patients who have used Haoma Mist enjoy the strain's happy head effects from a lower dosage of the strain, and when more is taken the high transcends into a sleepier, more relaxed all-encompassing head and body high.

Flowers of Haoma Mist tend to be round and a rich moss green color, each one has clumps of chunky trichomes and twirling orange pistils, they produce a fruity aroma that blends citrus, pear, and apple, and tastes just as delicious as it smells.