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Hardcore OG

A hardcore indica-domiannt blend of Big Bud and Blueberry is perfect for any cannabis enthusiast ready to totally relax


About Hardcore OG

Hardcore OG is the indica-dominant child of the famous Blueberry and Big Bud cannabis strains, known for being extremely potent and suited for the seasoned smoker.

With THC levels of between 20-28% it's no wonder that Hardcore OG can be too much for patients who have a low THC tolerance, as it can give them uncomfortable symptoms of dizziness, headaches, or even paranoia when too much is used.

But when dosed appropriately, Hardcore OGs effects are really quite pleasurable, as this strain is known for delivering exceptionally good pain relief through its relaxing and sedative physical effects, while a euphoric hazy head effect relaxes the mind.

Hardcore OG's flowers are gorgeous and bright green, each is encrusted in a fine layer of chunky trichomes and thick winding orange pistils, full of a potent and sticky resin that smells like delicious blueberry jam.