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Hawaiian Cookies

A fantastic sativa-domiant combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Hawaiian that is invigorating and relaxing


About Hawaiian Cookies

Hawaiian Cookies is the sativa-dominant result of a genius cross between Hawaiian Snow and Girl Scout Cookies, combining the creative, euphoric, and arousing effects of these phenomenal strains into one super-powered hybrid.

Patients who have tried Hawaiian Cookies describe this strain as somehow simultaneously energetic and relaxing, providing its user with intensely creative euphoria and a somewhat physically numbing body high.

Buds of Hawaiian Cookies are round, dense, and moss green in color, each one is lightened by an array of swirling pink pistils and sparkling halo of trichomes that sit on the surface of each bud.

These flowers have an intriguing and tropical flavor, as a medley of tropical fruits come together with the traditional cookies taste to create a distinctive and sweet taste.