Hawaiian Skunk


Rumored to be an indica-dominant hybrid, this strain produces huge buds and relaxing happiness

About Hawaiian Skunk

Hawaiian Skunk is the indica-dominant result of a combination between Skunk #1 and a Hawaiian Indica strain, rumored to produce a shockingly creative and uplifting high.

Much like it's Skunk heritage, Hawaiian Skunk produces long, huge buds that are densely packed, each one has a generous coating of trichomes and a hefty load of reddish pistils that show this strain's potency.

Nugs of Hawaiian Skunk have generally tested at about 19% THC, and they have a tropical, skunky scent that they inherited from their parents as well.

Those who have experienced Hawaiian Skunk find that this strain brings with it a sense of happy creativity, focus, and a ton of relaxation; if a higher dose than average is taken this strain tends to make its user feel very mentally and physically sedated.

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