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Haze Wreck

A potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain that will stimulate and uplift


About Haze Wreck

Haze Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses two world-famous sativas, Haze and Trainwreck, into an insanely stimulating hybrid strain.

Flowers of Haze Wreck have an understated smell that is somewhat fruity, but what is most interesting about these flowers is their high THC level, reaching up to 21-25% which makes this strain a very potent sativa hybrid.

Those who have sampled these flowers note that this strain's rush of euphoric effects is energizing, resulting in a happily focused creative state perfect for any activity.

Haze Wreck's light green buds are long and thin, each dense calyx intertwined with dots of tangerine pistils and a thin layer of shiny trichomes.