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Head Cheese

A ridiculously powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that will keep your head happy and energized


About Head Cheese

Head Cheese is the smartly named sativa-dominant blend of UK Cheese and 707 Headband.

Buds of Head Cheese are notorious for their pungent aroma, which is quite cheesy like their UK Cheese heritage, though the taste of this strain is surprisingly sweet, almost like a cheese danish.

These flowers are lumpy and light forest green, each with a thorough coating of trichomes and small patches of tangerine pistils; THC tests of these flowers can be as high as 30% THC, so if you have a low tolerance for THC be sure to start slow with these potent nugs.

Patients who have sampled this strain say its intense euphoric effects induce an immediate rush of energy, perfect for use throughout the day due to its creative and focused effects.