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Hippie Chicken

A trippy, happy sativa-dominant strain that will make you smile


About Hippie Chicken

Hippie Chicken is a whimsical sativa-dominant hybrid of Blueberry and Alaskan Thunder Fuck said to have a trippy euphoric effect that is nearly psychedelic for some users.

Sativa lovers will enjoy this strain's ridiculously strong creative, uplifted cerebral effects, and alongside that is a relaxing body buzz that is quite physically stimulating.

Records of Hippie Chicken's THC potency can be hard to find, but what is known about these buds is that each has a sweet but pungent aroma and blueberry and spice flavor.

Each of these flowers is yellow green and long, their calyxes are lightened by a haze of sparkling golden trichomes and orange pistils.