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Hippie Crippler

A sativa-dominant mix of AK-47 with Blue Satellite said to uplift any cannabis lover


About Hippie Crippler

Hippie Crippler (sometimes spelled Hippy Crippler) combines Blue Satellite with AK-47 to create a euphoric sativa-dominant hybrid with creativity-inducing effects.

Patients who have sampled Hippie Crippler say that this strain is an energetic one, inducing a sense of euphoria in every patient that becomes overwhelmingly dreamy when a high dosage is used.

THC levels of Hippie Crippler hover around 15-18% THC making this a good strain for cannabis users with a lower tolerance, and each flower of Hippie Crippler has a fragrance of pine that is sweet to smoke or vaporize.

These buds are fluffy and desaturated green, a few spiraled yellowish pistils stick out between every calyx amongst a halo of trichomes.