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Honey Bananas

A sweet indica=dominant hybrid strain enjoyed for its intensely relaxing high


About Honey Bananas

Elemental Seeds developed the indica-dominant Honey Bananas through a cross between the flavorful cannabis strains Honey Boo Boo and Strawberry Banana.

Enjoyed for its heavily sedative effects, Honey Bananas provides its patient with a couch-locking body buzz that will relax and relieve its patients while giving them a euphoric head effect.

Flowers of Honey Bananas are bright green, each with an amber haze of trichomes and winding, rust-colored pistils that dot the tip of every calyx.

These flowers are particularly resinous, and when you break apart one of Honey Bananas nugs you will be assaulted by a fruity banana and honey aroma that becomes even sweeter when you taste it.