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Humboldt Snow

A frosty indica-dominant strain that was created when Humboldt and Snow White were crossed


About Humboldt Snow

Rumor has it that Humboldt Snow is an indica-dominant hybrid of the two unique strains Snow White and Humboldt. The actual genetics of the strain is unknown, although it most likely came from Humboldt County, the area of California known for its exceptional cannabis breeding.

Flavor and Aroma

The scent of this strain has been described as pungently earthy, and when you vaporize or smoke these frosty buds you’re likely to notice that they have a slightly spicy sour flavor. You should also expect to notice hints of a fruity flavor.

As soon as you light your Humboldt Snow, you will start to smell the spiciness and fruitiness, combined with some dank earth and sour pine. If you vaporize the strain instead of smoking it, you may notice a bit more sourness in the scent.


Humboldt Snow’s buzz is uplifting cerebrally and also provides a thoroughly relaxing physical high. You will enjoy the effects like those of Haze from the Humboldt parentage, combined with the upbeat effects of Snow White, which came from White Widow. Common effects include numbness, pain relief, an increase in appetite, calmness, and euphoria, with creativity also a possibility.

The effects of Humboldt Snow begin just minutes after you start consuming the buds, starting off with feelings of happiness. Those good vibes will also include a creative buzz that is perfect for tasks that require problem-solving or any other activity that requires creativity.

The racier part of the high will start to fade, transitioning into a body buzz that is calm with a bit of a numbing effect.

Most people who smoke Humboldt Snow get the munchies during and after the high, so be sure to have some snacks on hand.

Those munchies make Humboldt Snow very popular among those who are experiencing a lack of appetite. It can also help medical marijuana patients fight nausea and encourage them to keep their food down. It is also popular for pain relief that is mild to moderate in nature, a benefit that comes from Humboldt Snow’s numbing effects associated with its indica genetics. Some people also use it to help with migraines, stress, and PMS.

This strain is also popular among those suffering from insomnia, as it can help users fall asleep and get a good night’s rest. That is particularly true if you consume larger quantities of Humboldt Snow.

If you do not have a lot of experience smoking cannabis, be cautious the first time you use Humboldt Snow, as anxiety is a potential reaction. This is fairly rare and happens more frequently when you consume larger doses, but it is still something to be aware of.

Dry mouth is the most common negative effect, but that is to be expected from nearly any marijuana strain and is easily remedied by staying hydrated.


Buds of Humboldt Snow have a beautiful deep emerald green color that is nearly obscured by the thick coat of crystalline trichomes and orange pistils that coat the surface of these lumpy flowers.

The “Snow” part of this strain’s name is highly descriptive as crystal trichomes thickly coat the buds, giving the appearance of snow. Those previously mentioned orange pistils then poke their way through.

Other Information to Know

Those with experience growing Humboldt Snow let others know that the flowering cycle lasts between six and nine weeks. The average flowering time is 65 days. You can grow the strain inside or outside, depending on your preferences. If you are a beginner grower, then you should be prepared as the plant is moderately difficult to grow without much experience.

Humboldt Snow also has a child strain, Snowcap.