Incredible Bulk


This bulky indica-dominant strain is known for big buds and even bigger effects

About Incredible Bulk

A mixture of three big-bud cannabis strains (Big Bud, Green Spirit, and Super Skunk) into an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for high yield and powerfully sedative effects.

Those who have sampled Incredible Bulk tend to find this strain both mentally and physically stimulating, as this strain has an arousing full-body buzz alongside a hazy and creative head high.

This strain is well known as a grower's best friend, as it produces a very high yield of big, chunky, lavender-scented buds, said to have a potency of about 20% THC.

Each of this strain's bright green buds is encrusted with beautiful trichomes and a few bright orange pistils, and when vaporized or smoked these flowers have a flavor somewhat like tropical fruit with a hint of spice.

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