Jet Fuel


A high-potency sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a happy, high-energy head effect

About Jet Fuel

Sometimes called G6, Jet Fuel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created when 303 Seeds crossed High Country Diesel and Aspen OG together.

The result was a happy but relaxing hybrid, known to provide a focused and uplifted state of mind without weighing down the body.

Each grass green cone-shaped bud of Jet Fuel has a semi-transparent coat of sparkling trichomes and large patches of light orange pistils that peek between this strain's densely-packed calyxes.

The THC potency of these flowers is ridiculously high, as it has topped over 29% in some tests, so Jet Fuel might be overwhelmingly strong for new cannabis users or for those who have a low tolerance.

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