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Julius Caesar

A Californian hybrid strain known for its overpowering and relaxing effects


About Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a quality combination of two royal Californian strains, SFV OG Kush and Master Kush that was bred by Cali Connection.

Patients who have sampled this fabulous hybrid have remarked that this strain's effects are fast-acting and powerfully sedative, taking over your entire body to ease you into a relaxing physical buzz.

This strain's fluffy buds are bright chartreuse, but towards the tip of each leaf and calyx they turn a deep eggplant color; each of these large nugs has a hazy halo of white trichomes and a few blood orange pistils.

When you first encounter this strain you're likely to notice its earthy scent, a combination of floral, herbal notes and overpowering diesel, but the flavor of this strain is a surprisingly sweet tropical fruit and berry blend.