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Kaptn's Grand Dream

A grand indica-dominant combination known to give a powerfully relaxing body buzz


About Kaptn's Grand Dream

Kaptn's Grand Dream is the rare indica-dominant result of a complex cross between Lemon Kush, Grape Krypt OG, Blueberry, Granddaddy Purple, and Blue Dream.

Cannabis connoisseurs have found Kaptn's Grand Dream to be a stupendously relaxing high with a tantalizing body buzz, bringing a giggly, euphoric head effect to complement this strain's more sedative physical effects.

Each of Kaptn's Grand Dream's flowers is a medley of blue-toned green and deep eggplant-colored hues, all encrusted with a thick dew of trichomes and a few long orange pistils.

These beautiful buds give off a chemical aroma, though their flavor when vaped or smoked is earthy and tastes a bit like sweet blueberries.