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Katsu Bubba Kush

Possibly the original Bubba Kush, this bud provides amazing relaxation and euphoria


About Katsu Bubba Kush

Rumored to be the original phenotype of the beloved indica-dominant Bubba Kush, this bud is thought to be the more potent and terpene-rich variety of the cannabis strain.

Patients who have sampled Katsu Bubba Kush have remarked that this cannabis strain provides a classically relaxing and sedative physical buzz, while this strain's cerebral side delivers a euphoric effect.

Each of Katsu Bubba Kush's flowers is a beautiful violet color, though each bud is entirely covered with thin orange pistils and a thick coat of trichomes.

This strain is known to be pungent, releasing aromatic notes of ripened grape, plum, and other fruity flavors that taste white sweet when this strain is vaped or smoked.