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Kosher Tangie

One of the most invigorating sativa-dominant hybrid strains, known for its fun physical buzz


About Kosher Tangie

Kosher Tangie is a sativa-dominant bud that combines the tangerine-flavored Tangie with the classic indica strain Kosher Kush.

Buds of Kosher Tangie are extremely potent, having a potency of as high as 24% THC, and they have an undeniably delicious tangerine flavor, much like their parent strain.

Cannabis lovers will enjoy Kosher Tangie's energetic and euphoric head effects, as well as the strain's classicly invigorating kush-like body buzz that provides powerful physical relaxation.

These delectable lime green flowers have a tangle of curly reddish pistils and a halo of sparkling trichomes spread across each flower's surface.