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L.A. Sunshine

L.A. Sunshine

A beautiful complex hybrid strain known to bring total creative euphoria


About L.A. Sunshine

L.A. Sunshine is a balanced combination of Starfighter, Chem Soda F1 (Black Cherry Soda x Chem D), Coal Creek Kush, and Strawberry Diesel that was developed by the one and only Darkhorse Genetics for the comedic duo, Cheech & Chong.

Patients who have had the opportunity to enjoy L.A. Sunshine find that this strain delivers a stimulating body high that manages to relieve pain while providing a clear-headed and creative euphoria.

Flowers of L.A. Sunshine are bright green but covered with sunshine yellow patches of thick pistils tucked between this strain's thick coat of chunky trichomes.

THC potency of L.A. Sunshine has been seen as high as 26%, so you can expect enough potency from this strain to satisfy even the most seasoned stoners.