Laughing Buddha

A blissful sativa-dominant hybrid strain that induces a serious case of the giggles
About Laughing Buddha

The sativa-dominant hybrid strain Laughing Buddha crosses Thai and Jamaican strains to create a quick-growing, high-yielding cannabis strain known for its energetic effects.

Patients love Laughing Buddha's blissful, giggly head high that provides boundless energy while keeping its user calm and relaxed.

Each pale green flower of Laughing Buddha has a host of delicate peach-colored pistils tucked between this strain's chunky calyxes amongst a generous dusting of shiny pistils.

THC potency of Laughing Buddha has been tested up to 23%, and the flavor of these sweet flowers is sweet, herbal, and earthy.

1 Review
6 months ago
Looking for the perfect strain to smoke around with friends? Laughing Buddha is the one. Its' buds are shiny frosty looking with tons of sticky long orange and short cream color "hairs" with a candy sweet smell. Its' effects hits the user's head almost instantly, leaving the user energized and very relaxed as the mood raises to a happy, giggly mood. Laughing Buddha has a tropical sweet taste.
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