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L'Eagle Eagle

A cerebral hybrid from Denver, Colorado that brings euphoric creativity


About L'Eagle Eagle

L'Eagle Eagle is the punnily named hybrid of Skunk #6 with Candy Haze that is only available at L'Eagle Services in Denver, CO.

Cannabis lovers who have been lucky enough to get ahold of this stimulating strain remark that L'Eagle Eagle is the perfect strain for inducing creativity and euphoria, as well as a mellow sense of physical relaxation.

Buds of L'Eagle Eagle are dense and round with a popcorn like structure, their light sage green calyxes overcome by a halo of sparkling white pistils amongst patches of bright grapefruit-colored pistils.

Each of these shiny green flowers purports a peppery aroma, sweetened eventually by the flavor of citrus fruits and apple that comes through especially clearly when L'Eagle Eagle is vaporized.