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Lemon Alien Dawg

An indica-dominant hybrid of Lemon Kush and Alien Dawg beloved for its relaxing and blissful effects


About Lemon Alien Dawg

Lemon Alien Dawg is an indica-dominant combination of Alien Dawg and Lemon Kush that is most well known for its powerful head and body high.

This strain's large sage green buds tend to have a THC potency of between 19-24%, and you can expect each flower to be covered in a dense layer of chunky trichomes.

Lemon Alien Dawg's effects begin in the mind, immediately resulting in a rush of creative, energetic euphoria while the physical effects of this strain gently relax its user with a stimulating body buzz.

A mild aroma of diesel and lemon will surprise you when you open a container of Lemon Alien Dawg, and when you smoke or vaporize this strain you will be astounded by the sweet citrusy flavor that comes through.