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Lemon Daddy

Lemon Daddy

A delightful mostly sativa strain beloved for its uplifting and relaxing effects


About Lemon Daddy

Crossing the famous Granddaddy Purple with Super Lemon Haze resulted in the fabulous sativa-dominant hybrid, Lemon Daddy, a lemony strain known for its calm and relaxing effects.

Those who have been lucky enough to encounter Lemon Daddy have found its effects uplifting, energizing, and focused, while its physical effects are relaxing.

Buds of this strain are generally a rainbow of bright purple to grass green hues, each chunky bud covered in a haze of sparkling trichomes and small patches of brownish pistils.

Likely due to its heritage, this strain has a skunky diesel aroma, but the buds flavor is quite pleasant and sweet, as grape, lemon, and lime give Lemon Daddy a deliciously juicy taste.