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Lemon Larry Lavender

Lemon Larry Lavender

A peppy combination of Lavender and Lemon Larry OG Kush, this bud will give you a happy, relaxing buzz


About Lemon Larry Lavender

A happy strain with a whimsical name, Lemon Larry Lavender was created by Big Buddy Seeds and is the result of a Lavender and Lemon Larry OG Kush cross.

This strain can be quite hard to find, but sources say that Lemon Larry Lavender's flowers have an intense scent that blends tangy lemon and earthy lavender, while this strain's flavor is like a sweet floral lemon candy.

Cannabis connoisseurs who have experience with Lemon Larry Lavender have remarked that this bud delivers a bright, talkative and happy high, while its user's body is relaxed with a pleasurable body buzz.