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Lemon OG Haze

A bright blend of Lemon OG and Haze that provides an energetic euphoric high


About Lemon OG Haze

Nirvana Seeds developed the sativa-dominant strain Lemon OG Haze by combining Haze with Lemon OG to create a stimulating and cerebral hybrid strain.

Lemon OG Haze's effects begin with a bright mental euphoria and a surprisingly energetic physical buzz that makes this strain suitable for daytime or evening use.

The scent of Lemon OG Haze is unsurprisingly reminiscent of its parent strains, combining the pungent classic haze aroma and hints of earthy, kushy lemon to create this strain's fragrance and flavor.

This strain's flowers are a pale teal color and often have a hefty arrangement of trichomes littered on the surface of each nug amongst a forest of orange pistils.