Lemon OG Kush


A cerebral indica-dominant hybrid beloved for its euphoric, focused high

About Lemon OG Kush

DNA Genetics' Lemon OG Kush is a lemony indica-dominant cross of The OG #18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk best known for the sedative physical effects it creates.

At first, Lemon OG Kush's effects tend to be very cerebral, immediately enlisting its user in a euphoric, focused, and creative mental experience alongside its more relaxing physical buzz

Cannabis patients who have sampled this strain say its flowers are long, light, and fluffy, the calyxes tend to have a very light green hue that is almost completely covered by a fur of deep auburn pistils and frosty trichomes.

Flowers of Lemon OG Kush have a very skunky fragrance, but underneath that, the flavor of this strain is comprised of refreshingly juicy citrus sweetness, like a glass of lemonade.

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