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Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie

A Leafs By Snoop creation, this sativa-dominant bud tastes just like yummy lemon pie


About Lemon Pie

From Leafs By Snoop, Lemon Pie is a very rare sativa-dominant hybrid that is rumored to taste just like a slice of sweet lemon pie.

Sativa lovers will love Lemon Pie's clear-headed euphoric buzz, which spreads energy throughout its user's body, making Lemon Pie a great bud for the daytime cannabis user.

Lemon Pie's flowers are a desaturated sage green hue and tend to be fairly large, each flower covered with patches of amber pistils and a hazy dew of sparkling trichomes.

This strain's scent is an orchestra of fresh citrus and earthy diesel notes, but the fabulous flavor of this strain resembles the vanilla, cream, and lemon notes of a classic lemon pie.