Lemon Wreck

A happy sativa-dominant cross of Lemon Diesel and Train Wreck known for its peppy, blissful buzz
About Lemon Wreck

Lemon Wreck is the common-sense mostly sativa blend of Lemon Diesel and Trainwreck, beloved by all who like a euphoric and creative bud.

Lemon Wreck's effects are primarily cerebral and tend to begin with an overwhelming sense of happiness, and the energetic head buzz that follows brings invigorating creativity.

Flowers of this strain can be expected to be long, grass green, and densely packed, each cone-shaped bud covered in a web of orange pistils and a dew of sparkling trichomes.

The scent of these flowers is much like it's parent strains, bringing bright lemony earthiness and notes of sour-smelling diesel, though the flavor is a bit like citrus-flavored candy or soda.

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