A very rare indica-dominant cross of Blue Diesel and Time Wreck beloved for its euphoric buzz
About Locomotion

Locomotion is a very rare indica-dominant cross of Timewreck and Blue Diesel that is known to deliver a dreamy, hazy head high.

Much like its parent strains, this bud has an earthy scent of sour diesel and a sweet berry and sour lemon flavor that is pleasantly fruity.

Patients who have experience with Locomotion note that this cannabis strain provides a long-lasting physical buzz, relaxing the body while a state of uplifted euphoria calms your mind.

1 Review
5 months ago
Locomotion is a powerful Indica Dominant that will hit the user hard and fast, sedating the mind and body, leaving the user relaxed, happy and lazy, almost like a "couch locked" feeling that slowly turns to a sleepy stage. Its' buds are large and fluffy with different shades of purple and a glossy frosty look carrying a sweet garden smell and a sourdough berry jam sandwich taste. Locomotion is a rare strain that I've never came across in a Dispensary, I was lucky enough to have a friend that decided to grow it, so if you see it around, don't think twice, get it!
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