Love Potion #1

An arousing sativa-dominant blend of G13 and Colombian Gold enjoyed for stimulating arousal
About Love Potion #1

Reeferman Seeds developed the stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid Love Potion #1 by combining Colombian Gold with G13.

Buds of Love Potion #1 tend to have a slightly earthy lemon scent and a flavor that tastes of ripe citrus fruits.

Cannabis lovers who have been lucky enough to get a sample of Love Potion #1 say that this strain is particularly physically and mentally stimulating, and it is known to have arousing effects for some users.

Each of this strain's fluffy grass green flowers is furred with patches of deep auburn pistils and a generous helping of iridescent trichomes.

1 Review
6 months ago
Love Potion #1 is that kinda strain that should be tried by couples, partners, one night standers, friends with benefits and so on! A Sativa Dominant Strain, Love Potion #1 will take the user or users to a very pleasant ride. Its' effects are quickly to make the users body warm and tingly and the mind becomes curious and aroused as the high gets stronger. Love Potion #1 carries a strong citric pungent smell and a warm lemon juice but refreshing taste.
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