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Magic Jordan

An indica-dominant strain allegedly from Hawaii that will give you a soaring head high


About Magic Jordan

Colorado Seed Inc. allegedly derived this incredible indica-dominant hybrid strain from a Hawaiian cannabis strain that is allegedly highly potent with the cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG).

Cannabis lovers will enjoy the focused and creative mental bliss that emanates from this strain, and alongside is a slightly invigorating body buzz that is said to be quite pleasant.

Flowers of Magic Jordan can be somewhat hard to find and are said to be round dense bright green nugs that are each encumbered with a full coat of trichomes and winding peach pistils.

When you encounter this strain you are sure to be greeted by a pungent Kush-like aroma, and when smoked or vaped this strain takes on a more mellow flavor that is almost like lemon tea with honey.