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Majestic 12

A very rare cross of Space Queen and Obama OG that provides a perfectly relaxing buzz


About Majestic 12

The rare hybrid strain Majestic 12 is a child of Obama OG and Space Queen that is rumored to be extremely potent.

Initally, this strain induces a creative and euphoric mindset and a physical buzz that is relaxing and sometimes even sedative, making this strain suitable use for help sleeping or relaxing after a long day.

When you open a bag of Majestic 12 you'll be greeted by it's funky, spicy scent, but the taste you'll experience blends sweet strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and grape flavors.

This strain's flowers are a mix of desaturated emerald and eggplant hues, each one covered in a batch of trichomes and brick red pistils.