Martian Candy

An indica-dominant bud with powerful effects and a sweet flavor
About Martian Candy

Martian Candy (sometimes called Martian Candy OG) is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain that is said to produce an otherworldly body buzz.

This strain is beloved for its powerfully relaxing head and body effects, producing a blissful, creative, talkative feeling for those who use Martian Candy.

Buds of Martian Candy are large in size and each one is densely packed; surrounding each flower is a dense coat of sparkling trichomes and a few auburn pistils.

Martian Candy has a classically earthy pungency, and when smoked this strain's refreshing pine and sweet honey flavors begin to come out.

1 Review
5 months ago
Yes, it must be from Mars! Martian Candy is an Indica Dominant strain that will take you for a nice trip. With a strong sedating high, Martian Candy is a great choice for patients in need of stress, nausea and pain relief. When smoked or vaped, Martian Candy will deliver a tasteful piney smoke with a hint of herbs.
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