Maui Berry

A rare indica-dominant hybrid cross of Maui Wowie and Blueberry


About Maui Berry

Maui Berry is likely an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is the result of a cross between the famous strains Blueberry and Maui Wowie.

Buds of this rare strain have a long shape and pale green color, each of these calyxes spotted with curls of orange pistils and a generous coating of potent trichomes.

Patients who have experienced Maui Berry report that this strain first hits its user with a powerfully euphoric cerebral buzz, then followed by a physically relaxing body high.

When you open up a bag of Maui Berry you'll be accosted by this strain's musky yet sweet odor, and as soon as you smoke or vaporize it you'll immediately taste the strain's rich Blueberry lineage.

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