A sativa-dominant strain from Israel known for its high potency of CBD
About Midnight

The Isreali cannabis company Tikun Olam developed Midnight, a high-CBD sativa-dominant hybrid strain known for its euphoric effects.

Patients who have tried Midnight find that the strain induces a slightly relaxing, mellow euphoria that leaves its user feeling fully functional.

Midnight's flowers produce a 1:1 potency of THC to CBD and each one has an earthy aroma and a sweet lavender and honey flavor.

Flowers of Midnight are chunky and light grass green in color, each one dusted with a shimmering layer of trichomes and small patches of pistils.

1 Review
5 months ago
This Sativa Dominant is for the late night stoner that stays up all night. Midnight strain rejuvenates the brain and body with a warm euphoric wave, leaving the user focused and energetic as the body feels "light", pain and stress free. Midnight buds are almost bright green with short dark purple "hairs" with a crystal clear trichomes layer and earthy smell with a tangy piney taste.
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