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An indica-dominant strain that blends Warlock with Sensi Star, resulting in a creative yet relaxing strain


About Motavation

Originally developed by Magus Genetics, Motavation is an indica-dominant cross of Warlock and Sensi Star that is said to be surprisingly relaxing despite its name.

Motavation's flowers have a distinctly fruity scent with refreshing floral notes, and when you vaporize or smoke this strain it will take on a slightly chemical flavor with heavy sweet apple and berry tastes.

Cannabis lovers who have experience with Motavation say that the strain delivers a tingling buzz that spreads throughout the body, wrapping its user in a warm, relaxing high while leaving the mind uplifted and euphoric.

This strain's dense light green buds are known to have huge patches of long orange pistils, each nug shimmering due to their heavy coat of trichomes.