Mud Bite

A very rare indica-dominant hybrid from Ketchikan, Alaska
About Mud Bite

Allegedly, the rare mostly indica strain Mud Bite was developed in Ketchikan, Alaska, and the strain is rumored to have descended from Afghani.

Due to the strain's heritage, Mud Bite is suited to growing in cold conditions, although not much else is known about the strain.

1 Review
6 months ago
I was lucky enough to be able to smoke two joints packed with this very rare Indica strain. Its' smell was earthy, kinda like a warm unsweetened tea. Mud Bite elevates the mood to a happy/giggly state with the first hit and slowly brings you down to earth, keeping the body warm and stress/pain free as the mind becomes sleepy and hazy. Its' smokes was very spicy, somewhat refreshing, with an earthy hint at the end.
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