Nightmare Cookies

A sativa-dominant cross of White Nightmare and GSC that brings creative euphoria
About Nightmare Cookies

A combination of White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies, Nightmare Cookies is an uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid strain recognized for its beautiful buds.

Flowers of this strain are quite large and have a chunky cone shape, each mint green bud encased in glistening trichomes and a tangle of lemon-colored pistils.

Nightmare Cookies effects initially bring a euphoric, creative head effect that can be nearly psychedelic for some cannabis users.

Expect these buds to have a pungent floral scent and a pleasant blueberry and vanilla cookie aroma, much like its parental strains.

1 Review
5 months ago
Don't worry, you won't fall asleep and have any nightmares with this strain, but the opposite, you will be right awake and focused when smoking/vaping Nightmare Cookies. Yes, slowly as the effects wear off you will feel a bit sleepy, but nothing to stress about it, the bed bugs won't bite. Nightmare Cookies buds are dense and small with matte green color and a yellowish "hairs" covered by a shiny sticky resin layer with a sweet vanilla cracker smell and taste. Patients looking for stress and insomnia relief could give this strain a try.
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