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Nightmare Cookies

A sativa-dominant cross of White Nightmare and GSC that brings creative euphoria


About Nightmare Cookies

A combination of White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies, Nightmare Cookies is an uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid strain recognized for its beautiful buds. The variety is 60 percent sativa and was created by Sin City Seeds.


Nightmare Cookies is moderately potent most of the time, offering about 24 percent THC. This helps it appeal to most cannabis users, although beginners will want to be cautious as the dose may be too high for them. The CBD level is typically about 1 percent.


Flowers of this strain are quite large and have a chunky cone shape. Each mint green bud is encased in glistening trichomes and a tangle of lemon-colored pistils. The buds are small and dense, and those trichomes are amber colored, matching the pistils. You will also frequently notice beautiful purple hues on this marijuana strain.


Nightmare Cookies’ effects initially bring a euphoric, creative head effect that can be nearly psychedelic for some cannabis users. Most people who consume this strain will notice feeling awake with a strong sense of focus, along with happiness and relaxation. It is also popular among those looking to experience relief from insomnia or stress. It can additionally help with pain relief, including migraines.

Just a few puffs of Nightmare Cookies will help bring your cerebral space into extreme euphoria. You will likely gain a bit of focus and will notice your worries disappear. Your mood will grow to pure happiness, and your spirits will lift.

From there, tingles will spread throughout your body, furthering the relaxation. It is common for Nightmare Cookies to put users into couch lock once they reach this stage of the high. It can also encourage sleep without the nightmares found in its name.

Some people who use Nightmare Cookies find that their mind reels as they sit couch lock. Because of this, it may not always be the best choice to consume it right before bed. Consuming it at this time may cause you to have trouble falling asleep as your mind races, and you stare into space. Instead, it is best used when you want to meditate or absorb odd sounds and colors. Of course, not everyone reacts the same, and many people do use Nightmare Cookies to help with insomnia.

When used as medical marijuana, Nightmare Cookies is common for its ability to assist with multiple ailments. It can soothe depression, stress, and anxiety. As a word of caution, however, some people with anxiety notice adverse effects if they overindulge with this strain.

Within a few hits, Nightmare Cookies also tends to eliminate or at least dramatically reduce cramps, headaches, and inflammation. This is all the relaxation many users need before bedtime. The strain can also help with loss of appetite, as it frequently leads to the munchies.

Aroma and Flavor

Expect these buds to have a pungent floral scent and a pleasant blueberry and vanilla cookie aroma, much like its parental strains. That cookie flavor is not overly sweet, yet it is evident. You will also notice herbs, nuts, and some pine.

Those who smoke Nightmare Cookies see the Girl Scout Cookies parentage in this strain. Some describe the flavor as fresh pine, spicy herbal, and nutty cookies.

Other Information to Know

Those who have tried it say that it is relatively easy to grow Nightmare Cookies at home, at least in comparison to other strains. It should do well in a greenhouse or either indoors or outdoors. Just keep in mind that the variety tends to grow beautiful and tall. You should have your large yield in only seven or nine weeks.