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OG Skunk

An sativa-dominant cross of OG #18 and Skunk #1 known for bringing an idyllic buzz


About OG Skunk

DNA Genetics' OG Skunk combines genetics of Skunk #1 with OG #18, resulting in a sativa-dominant strain with a satisfying physical buzz.

The THC potency of OG Skunk's buds is usually around 20%, and be buds themselves tend to be a mossy green color that is almost completely obscured by a white haze of trichomes and a layer of tangled orange pistils.

OG Skunk's effects are thoroughly relaxing, as its warming buzz travels throughout every limb of the body, encompassing its user in a totally euphoric and mellow high.

As you might expect, OG Skunk has a skunky pungency, but the strain's taste is a mix of bright lemon and understated earthy flavors.