Ogre Berry

A monstrous cross of Ogre and Island Strawberry Afghani regarded for its intense effects and enticing berry flavor


About Ogre Berry

HappyDay Farms developed Ogre Berry, a fantastic indica-dominant cross of Island Strawberry Afghani and Ogre genetics.

Ogre Berry effects are said to begin with an uplifted cerebral high, which then turns into a physical buzz that spreads throughout the body.

Although Ogre Berry buds can be hard to find, you can expect them to be cone-shaped and a very deep moss green color that is shrouded in iridescent trichomes.

The aroma of Ogre Berry tends to be very earthy with a pungent scent of diesel, but when smoked you will understand that this strain gets its name from its overpowering and delicious sweet berry flavor.

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