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Old Toby

Named for Gandalf's pipeweed, this indica-dominant strain provides a creative and uplifting high


About Old Toby

This indica-dominant hybrid strain with a mysterious genetic heritage was named for the pipeweed smoked by Gandalf. It was created by breeder Matthew Gordon to ironically help reverse short-term memory loss.

Old Toby's odor combines musky sandalwood and citrus, and when smoked or vaporized you will note that this strain takes on a sweet, herbaceous lemon flavor.

Cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy the euphoric and creatively clear cerebral buzz that Old Toby delivers, as well as the strain's slightly relaxing, soothing body high.

Buds of Old Toby tend to have a deep olive green color, each fluffy flower completely obscured by a tangle of orange pistils and light, sparkling trichomes.